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Matebeads wholesale silver jewelry to worldwide since 2006. We are specialized in various pandora style sterling silver beads and pandora snake chains. We emphasize that our sterling silver products as a true standard of 925 sterling silver, not the Tibetan silver or other low quality silver which purity less than 92.5%, and without any non-green material. We firmly believe that only in good faith to operate in order to sustainable development. we have wholesale silver jewelry to professional wholesalers and retailers, online stores, ebay power sellers, traditional store owners from USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovak, Austria, Southeast Asia etc.

Tips: Only sterling silver jewelry can be long-term preservation, with the role of property, the solid silver material, long-term wear will not cause harm to humans. Some cheap baeds contains non-environmentally materials, such as leaden alloy, not only damage your body, you don’t wear, which will also continue to pose a hazard to the environment. Unqualified plating material will sneak into your body causing damage when you sweating. These are the reasons need to ensure 925 silver material.

wholesale silver jewelry

The following are some of the methods how to identify sterling silver for your reference:

Step 1
Look for marks. If it is made from sterling silver, it will be marked with a number 925. This is an indicator of the amount of solid silver used. The piece may also be inscribed with the words "Ster." "Sterling" or "Sterling Silver".

Step 2
Perform the magnet test. Gold, silver and platinum are not magnetic, and will not attract a magnet. If the piece being tested holds a strong attraction to a magnet, it does not hold precious metal value.

Step 3
Pick it up. Real silver isn't heavy and it isn't very light either. Compare the feel to that of a piece of known silver to know what the weight should be.

Step 4
Test the metal with nitric acid if you are still unsure. Put on protective gloves and goggles to protect you. Add a tiny drop of the acid to an area of the silver that won't be seen afterward. The reaction between the acid and the metal will produce one of two results: a positive result that will look creamy in color or a negative result that will look green in color. A green result means that the metal is not sterling or any other type of silver.


This guide will help you learn to identify quality in silver jewelry and accessories.

Sterling Silver
Pure Silver, also called fine silver, is relatively soft, very malleable, and easily scratched so it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more resilient product. The most popular of these alloys is sterling silver, which consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Although any metal can make up the 7.5% non-silver portion of sterling, centuries of experimentation have shown copper to best improve the metal's hardness and durability without affecting its beautiful color.
The small amount of copper added to sterling has little effect on the metal's value. Instead the price of the silver item is affected by the labor involved in making the item, the skill of the craftsperson, and the intricacy of the design.

Identifying Quality Sterling Silver
All high quality silver items are stamped with a "Sterling Silver" or "925" mark. This mark identifies the precious metal content of the jewelry.

Silver Alloys
Because pure silver is so soft, it should only be used when malleability is required, such as in handcrafted jewelry featuring weaving and other intricate designs. Sterling Silver is most often used for jewelry and household accessories because of its combination of beauty and durability.

With proper care, your fine quality silver will last a lifetime. To minimize scratches and other damage, store your silver jewelry either in a cloth pouch or in a separate compartment in your jewelry box. Avoid exposing your silver to household chemicals when cleaning with bleach or ammonia, or when swimming in chlorinated water, as these chemicals can damage silver.

Clean Silver Jewelry REGULARLY!
Care should also be taken to prevent silver tarnish build-up a dulling that naturally occurs when silver reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the surrounding air. To clean your silver, use specific formulas to remove tarnish. You can find fine silver polishes, solutions, or cloths designed to remove tarnish. These are available at most hardware stores or specialty craft stores. Tarnish is most easily removed when it first becomes visible! So keep an eye out for it! Although wearing your silver often is the best way to prevent tarnish from building up, regular cleanings of all your silver items will prevent tarnish and keep your silver bright, sparkling, and beautiful.

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