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"I have just received order and am quite pleased. ...you both offer a little bit different items (both very nice quality).
                Maria (Australia)"
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New Pandora Beads and charms Perfect for students

02 September, 2010



Matebeads Jewellery Inc is a leader in the pandora style beads and charns market, now offers the beads from its newest collection -- a perfect present for a student, or their mom.


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Whether you are already creating a personal charm bracelet filled with your mementos or just thinking about creating your unique keepsake, we have perfect pieces to lock in your thoughts and affections and let them always be close to you.


Hardly any china exporters offer the newest Pandora style charms fit pandora chamilia trollbeads, such as Buddha and the Scarab. These ancient symbols of wisdom and spirituality can help inspire and guide on the path of learning, as well as mark important milestones, such as acing a difficult exam or graduating from a program. An owl on the “Study Books” bead can be good friend to both those looking to dive into studies this year and those with a life-long commitment to learning. And for mothers embarking on a challenging and rewarding journey of being a personal support system for a student – we got a perfect piece – the inner strength bead.


Pandora charm bracelets come in the variety of materials at our Guangzhou China locations at the Fashion Show Mall and at the Forum Shops. We offer new design pandora style swarovski heart beads, pandora sport charms such as pandora olive football beads, pandora golf clubs bag beads, pandora basketball beasd and so one. Enjoy a beautiful shopping environment while creating some of the most unique and stylish pieces of jewelry that will stay with you throughout your life. You can also select your perfect gift (maybe even to yourself?) at our online store www.matebeads.com. For details, as well as deals and promotions, visit us online or call +86-579-83311396.


Matebeads Jewellery is one of company which specialize in European style big hole beads and charms fit pandora style bracelet, chamilia bracelet, Biagi bracelet, Trollbeads and so on European style bracelet Jewellery. The beads online matebeads are in european beads style, fit Pandora style Jewelry (Pandora bracelet & Pandora Necklace etc.), also fit such as Pandora style beads, Trollbeads Jewelry, Pandora glass beads, Chamilia style beads, Biagi beads, Lovelinks charms, Pandora style troll bracelets, Pandora style snake chains etc.

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